Wall Cladding Stone 

trend of wall cladding stone

has become a rage in modern times. Today, people have become more conscious about their home aesthetics and want the best in their dwelling. This is why they are willing to invest in the decorative items that can enhance the overall grandeur of their living space With Wall Cladding Stone.

When we talk about remodeling the home space, stone wall cladding stone is one such method that is widely used to set up interesting backdrops. There are many impressive ways through which stones can lend a distinctive yet beautiful appeal to any place. Both interiors and exteriors of the space can be brought into new light by using a marvelous stone artwork. The beauty of stones is they give a unique personality to your home, workspace or any area which is in need of a makeover.

Earlier, the stone tiles that have been cut and polished were only considered useful for home decorations, but nowadays they are used as a whole to give homes a more authentic, and organic look. That being said, there are many stones that are used to turn any mundane space into a work of art effortlessly.

What is stone wall cladding?

But before moving to types of stone wall cladding and their distinctive features, let’s first understand what does it actually mean. Stone cladding is a process of using a thin layer of stone over a substrate, which is usually of steel or concrete to enhance the splendor of an otherwise ordinary space. Apart from aesthetic purpose, it is of huge importance since it is highly durable, needs low maintenance and has protection characteristics as well.

How stone wall cladding makes a difference?

Now, let’s understand why stone wall cladding is required. Just imagine when you pull back your curtains, a scenic view great your eyes and you feel overwhelmed by this inviting ambiance. Stone wall cladding adds a dramatic touch on the walls that always went unnoticeable. Natural wall cladding stones have caught the attention of connoisseurs, and since then they have become an economical way of decorating walls.

Because of the high density and low water absorption properties, natural stones come with an added advantage of no discoloring. You have options of various colors and patterns to choose from a variety of stones to blend with your existing harmoniously. While light colored stones look stunning, dark colored stones are less likely to show dirt or dust. Similarly, some stones come with patterns to set a theme inside your home.

Diversity available in stone wall cladding

These days, modern homemakers heavily depend on natural stones wall cladding to spruce up their décor with panache. There is an ample number of choices to revamp your living space using stones, such as sandstones, limestone, slate, bluestone, and quartzite to name a few. Each one of them has distinctive features and thus can facilitate a different kind of pattern and aura.

For instance, sandstone wall cladding is the cheapest way of revamping your interiors or exteriors. They come with no intricate patterns or borders and are comparatively expensive. Then there is quartzite which is dense and tough, and hence can be used in areas with high foot traffic like the patios. They come in two beautiful shades-gray and gold to disguise any kind of shabbiness.

Slate wall cladding is also a popular option you can go for to beautify your living space. They have the blue gray background and come in rusty, golden brown and purple shades. Completely natural and economical, they look appealing to eyes. Further, they have many attractive features like low maintenance, fire resistance, high durability and water resistance.

Applications of stone wall cladding

Applications of stone wall cladding are numerous. Like, they can be used to set up a rustic, stone entrance, durable paving, custom built a garden, window sills and quoins, fireplaces, cast iron lighting, and much more. For stone wall cladding installation, experts are required to execute the project with finesse. They make sure the natural, vintage look of the natural stones certainly adds class to the appearance of your home.

Unlike other types of wall cladding, stone wall cladding is a complicated procedure because of its weight which proves to be a troublesome to hold against the substrate. Further, attention is given to the surface and wall cladding pieces to ensure they are free of dust mites or dirt particles for the durable adhesion. Hence, it is always a good idea to rely on highly experienced and skilled stone wall cladding service provider.

The process of stone wall cladding

Stone wall cladding can be done in two ways. Either the large rocks are finely shaved and then glued to a board, or the board is smeared with pebbles and stones to set up a mosaic look. Each one of them lends an interesting view which can be relished by the onlookers for many years to come. Firstly, wall cladding which comes in the form of sheets usually is attached to the wall sheath, leaving space between the cladding and sheath to facilitate water and air circulation.

It is important to note here that before the installation of stone veneers, the wall is treated with water proofing material to ensure water doesn’t seep inside, which leads to mold growth and rot over the time. Such minute details can be taken care of by professionals only and hence you should always rely on experts for stone wall cladding installation.

Final words…..

So your dream of cozy, warm den that needs low maintenance and still looks breathtaking is finally possible. Modern engineering has made it possible to extend your personality to the home economically. Stone wall cladding eliminates the need to spend on expensive stone blocks which need high maintenance. Bid a farewell to monotonous life as multi-purpose stone wall cladding can be used to stylize any space with distinctive flair.

They conceal the existing flaws of your walls while adding a unique charm to them. You can use them in conjunction with the existing cladding to pull out a new look all together. Don’t hesitate to use them outside as they come in various shades and textures to uplift your living space. A dash of sophistication or a subtle touch of elegance, stone wall cladding gives you many ways to refurbish your space dramatically.


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