Stone Wall Cladding Tiles Supplier and Manufacturing company India

Nowadays most people preferring the cladding for their wall due to many benefits. The benefits we have for your house by using the stone wall cladding are:


Can protect the inner wall 

Resistant to fire 

Will give the elegant look  

Will be cheap and comes in the budget.

Stones can be divided into different types, which gives you more choices to you. These stones can use for kitchen countertops to walls. This stone can varies from Granite to Marble. Even you can use pebbles stones for the garden floor to give sea or pond look for your garden. These all are summed up to give you a different and modern look for your house at the same time protect your house.

For making the design, the stone cut into different patterns. The texture is an important part of making the house look good and charming.

If we considered the wall cladding is the best method to protect the house as well as to make the beautiful. Here also, you can find wide variety cladding to choose is:

Stone cladding


Timber cladding

Weatherboard cladding

Fiber cement cladding

Brick cladding 

Cladding differs by using a different material such as timber, weatherboard and much more. They also depend on thickness and texture of stones.

Stone wall cladding thickness

The thickness of stone plays an important role in making the design. They cut the big block of stone by horizontally and vertically so they give you different texture with thickness. Slate stones are cut in the different methods is horizontally and vertically so, this decides the design of the stone. They also divided into tiles and panels so, they can distribute easily. They are different types of stones, we use for wall cladding such as slate stone, sandstone and etc. This differs with various properties such as temperature, texture, and color you want for your house. Even many hotels and companies are looking for a classic and modern type of look.

Stone wall cladding tiles

Generally, the tiles are used for flooring, designing the walls and kitchen countertops. They are different types of tiles we can use such as:

Elevation wall cladding tile

Interior wall cladding tiles

Slate waterfall wall cladding tiles

Slate wall cladding tiles


Interior wall cladding tiles

These tiles are very durable and have variations in colors that you want for your house. This helps you get the house texture and colors you want from it.

Stone wall cladding India

In India, now people are decorating their houses by using the wall cladding methods. The major style of cladding are popularized are:

brick using cladding for the rusty look 

slate stone cladding for waterfall look

They are fine to look for any house and even we can consider for office and restaurants. 

Stone wall cladding price in India

In this part, we are talking about prices of beautiful stones which we are using for wall cladding. Mainly, the prices of wall cladding depend on the stone cost. If you come to cost of stone will differ with your choices. 

In this articles, I hope you can find information that is related to the stone wall cladding.