Stone Wall Cladding India For Royal Looking Dream House And Project

Stone Wall Cladding India

Everyone wants his house to look ravishing. Home is not just a place to live in it is a place where you create your memories and live all the moments with your family and friends. If you want to give your house a stylish yet simple look you can decorate your house or walls of the house with Stone wall cladding India. It you like the look of the stones, you can opt this option for your house. But first let us discuss what the meaning of this term is. It is a thin layer of real or stimulated stone applied to a building or other structure made up of material other than stone. So basically instead of painting or any other stuff you can decorate the walls of your house with it. It can add a wow factor to your house and makes your house look like a castle or cottage, depending on your choice and demand. There are some queries which customers generally ask.  Why this type of cladding is better than anything? What are the maintenance charges? How can we apply it? What are the drawbacks and advantages of this type of cladding? Is it a costly affair? These are some of the questions that we will try to answer in this article.
Why should we opt this?
Your exterior walls will look great with Stone wall cladding India and it will give your house a royal look. It comes in various styles, colors, texture and designs so you can go for almost any look you want for your dream home. Light colors will give your house a stunning look but it will also require proper sealing as they the prone to dust, dark colors on the other hand will require lower maintenance as dust will not be visible easily form those shades.  Yes we agree it can be very expensive but in terms of longer run. It is more durable than any other type of cladding. If it is properly installed it can also resist damage from fire or any strong weather condition. It can act as a perfect insulator and help bring down the temperature of your house. It helps in keeping moisture away from your house but can escape if it necessary. So these properties can help you selecting the required design. Homes having this type of cladding generally have higher value in terms of both look and money as the stones used in this process give the home a natural look.
How can we install it?

Stone wall cladding India
is most of the Used claddings to install. It requires extensive labor work and less of time. It is generally heavier than other types of cladding so it puts more pressure on the foundation of the building or home. Before installing the stones, the surface is usually treated with different kind of layers of waterproofing material to protect the wall from sealing or any type of water leakage. This treatment prevents the water from entering the walls of the house which can further damage the stones of the wall and also provides the required condensation. It generally comes in sheets, which are attached to the outside of the walls just like a normal tile, leaves the space between the sheets which provide the required air and water circulation. It is not mandatory to use these types of cladding on exterior walls of your house; you can install it on the walls of your garden or interior walls of the room for the purpose of interior decoration. So basically we can say that it is not so easy task to perform but yes it will give your house a unique and royal look and you will also be beneficial in long run.
Maintenance is easy and also in budget


Stone wall cladding India, after installation it is requires no maintenance except for a wash and that too on yearly basis. As we have mentioned earlier that the stone comes in sheets and it leaves some space between the sheets for water evaporation and proper air circulation. Because of water circulation, a white layer of powder gets accumulated on the stones, this layer is nothing but salt which comes due to evaporation of the water. But do not worry you can remove that white layer by washing the walls with a solution of mild vinegar in water and gently rubbing the walls with any not metallic brush. Non metallic brush is necessary as metallic brush can damage the design of the stones. Maintenance of the cladding also depends on type of stone color you are choosing. As we have discussed about it earlier, you have to keep this thing in mind before installing the cladding. Light shades may require higher maintenance as the dust gets accumulated on the walls very easily and you have to wash the walls on a regular basis which can further increase the risk of water leakage. Darker shades on the other hand can save you from this headache and threat of leakage.
Some disadvantages
From the above mentioned things or points we can conclude that with lots of advantages Stone wall cladding India has some of the disadvantages. First disadvantage is that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, yes all person cannot afford this type of decoration as it require huge amount of money. And in India where most of the people belong to middle class this type of cladding will be preferred by very less number of people. Second disadvantage is that huge amount of money is at risk. This type of cladding does not come with a warranty card so it may damage in very short interval if not properly installed. Most of the stones are porous so they easily absorb the stain marks which are very difficult to remove. Some stone are brittle and some are very soft so it may damage very easily by some jerk so you have to keep this thing in mind before going for this option.

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