Sandstone Wall Cladding – Why We Love Sandstone Cladding

Sandstone is most widely used for the wall cladding due to its color and structure. Arenite is another name for sandstone which is part of a sedimentary rock.The texture of this stone is good for walls.Even many countries using wall cladding from a long time.In Sydney, many old buildings used this stone for the elegant look. In India modern house is adapting the wall cladding for new shiny look for their house.From a long time we are using this wall cladding but the question in Everyone’s mind what is cladding ??

Wall cladding is decorating the exterior of wallsby installing the sandstone tiles as wellas  to protect the wall from the damage.

So that, we understand the importance of cladding which makes the house look good and also protect the wall. The sandstone cladding can be applied to different sections of the house even in the main hall and arrange the look outside of the house.This makes the house more charming and beautiful from inside to outside. Some countries which are using this method for a long time is Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and much more. They are many varieties of designs in Sydney for sandstone wall cladding.


Sandstone wall cladding Sydney

 In Sydney, many people want cladding for their house to improve the look of the house and protect from damage.They have much different of design for sandstone cladding like 

Rock faced

Diamond sawn 

Hydra spilt


People are preferring this sandstone cladding for the inside and outside of walls.If you like the above designs, we can provide for your house.They are many colors composition we can get from wall cladding.

Sandstone wall cladding on blue board

 We just know about the sandstone cladding now I am want to introduce you to a new version of sandstone wall cladding. If you want modern look as well as with blue color for your house you can blue brads for it.  We can install this wall cladding for the house on blue board to improve the waterproof availability and protect fire rendered. Blue installation can be from both sides of the wall such inside installation and outside installation. The inside installation means cladding the inner wall of a house and outside installation means cladding the outer part of the house, nowadays people decorate their house by installation of sandstone tiles   

Sandstone wall cladding tiles

Sandstone wall cladding tiles are used from house to office. These tiles make the wall to look more elegant. They are many variations of design are available in which you can choose among them. If you have any color preference can be fulfilled. 


Sandstone wall cladding price


Sandstone wall cladding is one of the best stone cladding. If you want an effective look for your house in your budget then choose this stone cladding for your wall. They make your house more waterproof and elegant. They will be the best choice for you if really want good look in the cheap price you can use it. This is durable and comes in your budget.